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Wildlife update.... and a visit to a supported living site....

Currently we have an adult pheasant that had been attacked by a dog. This poor girl had multiple puncture wounds and ruptured air sacs. After a round of antibiotics and much tender loving care, she has now been moved into the flight area to gain body condition and strength to prepare for her release.

A little pukeko chick that no longer needs the heat plate and has been re-located, along with another pheasant, to one of our supported living sites. These sites are 'safe zones' while the birds gather more strength and skills to move on. The pukeko is set up in a larger area where he can learn more to fend for himself and adjust to his new environment, before joining a larger group.

While there, the wildlife officers met up with the turkey chicks from the summer season and many others that have spent time at the centre. Do they recognise the officers do you think???

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