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Wildlife update....

The busy season is definitely upon us now, here are a few of the birds reaching their milestones before heading back to their homes in the wild.

Our adult duck had a run in with (we don't know what) and had sustained some nasty injuries.

Animal Care Havelock North did a wonderful job in stablising this chap where he received pain relief and antibiotics. He was then transported to our centre to for further treatment and rehabilitation.

He has now finished his treatment and is in the last stages before release.

Our starling chicks have all pulled through and are also now at the final stages learning those survival skills before release along with a couple of brown birds.

One of the pigeons that arrived in had somehow swallowed a stick which was making it's way out of the crop, Taradale Vets were able to remove this and he's now healing well and flying again.

Blink and you'll miss this little fella. our bumblebee Quails.

Our chick Tui that was taken to VetsOne Hastings after sustaining injuries has made a remarkable turn around thanks to their team

They provided pain relief, mite treatment and some top nutrition food to support this young fella through recovery.

He is now resting, rebuilding his strength to be rehabilitated with us, we hope for a successful recovery.

Turkey chicks; man it's like an orchestra here at the moment.

We have a fourth chick that we slowly introduced to this flock.

Our loner Turkey chick was a bit of a bully so we slowly introduced them with barriers.

After day 5 the barriers were removed where he fitted in nicely with no fights as we stood by to separate if our plan didn't work.

Huge sigh of relief, he accepted the 3 as his new family and are now all getting along.

We are looking for homes for 4 Turkey chicks.

It must be a rural area where these guys will be free to live out their lives, please email if your interested

Our little pukeko who was raised by the lovely Nikki from Napier SPCA is growing strong, learning to forage after his treatment, along with many chicks being raised in the incubator.

Despite treatment, our floodwater stilt chicks unfortunately didn't pull through. This was heartbreaking as they started off so well, only to succumb to illness.

The update re Botanical gardens, the test results came back.

The water there is in really great shape.

The testing showed that this area is actually leading the way in regards to water quality so we were able to eliminate this. Great work parks and reserves team

The bird deaths in this area is directing us towards the impacts from climate change but we will continue to focus our attention in this area to help support the species.

We are soon to collect our female rabbit named Phoenix from her de sexing procedure.

It's really important that if you have female species that are classed as pests to have them spayed. As always a massive cheers to Taradale vet hospital team.

Phoenix and her buddy are to head off soon to their supported and enclosed environment to behave like bunnies provided with the 5 freedoms.

Now that we have upskilled in the areas to move to the next level, we will be heading off to Auckland in the new year to learn from Avian specialists for some more in depth knowledge for pain relief etc. This is a much needed skill to provide better low stress handling and treatment for species.

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