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Upgrading the rescue centre

It is still a work in progress but recently there have been some major changes at the rescue centre.

Most of the lining is on the walls. New shelving has gone in to house some of the cages.

Thanks to the Napier City Council grant, the lino has finally been laid on the floor by the fabulous Matt Beavan of Kiwi Flooring. The plumber, Dan, is due next week to hook up our hot and cold water.

Also thanks to the Hastings SPCA, we have been donated a couple of large glass enclosures.

Our system for booking in species as they come in is now sorted and we have a cool, moveable worktable that we assess & treat the birds on.

All of this has set us up in a much better position to be able to cope with the impending influx of birds over the next few weeks.

Watch this space for more changes as they happen.

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