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Turkey trouble....

A member of our community came across 12 young chicks huddling underneath their deceased mother whilst a Hawk was having a meal.

Not a very nice scene to come across however all chicks were saved and brought into our centre.

Unfortunately 2 didn't make it the first night but the other 10 did very well.

Whilst raising these young ones they fast outgrew their enclosure so they were housed in one of our large outdoor aviaries.

This was the best space with a double door 'catch space' as you do not want a Turkey escaping! Even as youngsters they have an amazing ability to get up a high off the ground (natural behavior) but a nightmare for anyone who attempts to recapture them.

Whilst in care, we prepare the youngsters to identify food to survive in the wild by offering many bugs and shrubs for them to find them also too to provide specific needs to support their natural behaviors.

We have a number of supported living sites where species can be released and be support fed and cared for as they find their way to return to the wild if they cannot be returned where they were found.

In this case, the finders wanted their little ones back when the time came.

A safe area with loads of bugs and plenty of cover our youngsters were returned home.

Our 10 little Turkey chicks return back to where they came from, their natural instincts kick in and they're off!

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