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Too wet even for the birds.... Pied Stilt babies rescued!

The wildlife centre suffered some minor flooding indoors over the last couple of days. Thankfully the flooding was a lot less than expected. However, our large 3 bay aviary may have suffered some damage. It is yet to be fully assessed as it is pretty boggy underfoot. The good thing is, we were well prepared and all the birds and other wildlife in our care kept their feet dry and all food stores were out of harms way. (the photos are of Kennedy Rd and by the Wildlife centre shed/aviaries)

We have had a pair of Pied Stilt/Poaka (also known as black-winged stilt) chicks come in (many thanks to the rescuer!) that were found on the edge of a flooded pond with the parent birds long gone. (one is pictured below) These are native to NZ and currently not considered threatened in NZ. However, there is a Black Stilt which is extremely similar as a baby. These are mostly found in the South Island but some do migrate to coastal areas and flock with pied stilts and the Black Stilt is rare.

They nest in open areas near wetlands and gravel riverbeds in loose colonies. Sometimes their nests are just a "scrape" in the ground or some may build a large platform nest. The stilt can live to about 12 years of age.

If there is danger about, they will flatten as close to the ground as possible and remain perfectly still. This can make them difficult to detect!

Hopefully these babies will do well in care and be able to be released back to a large flock when they are old enough.

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