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The role of HBBWR

It has come to our attention recently that there seems to be a bit of confusion over what role HBBWR play in the retrieval/rescue of birds and wildlife.

As our name implies, we look after birds (wild) and wildlife.

We DO NOT deal with companion animals/pets, these come under the care of the SPCA.

We have set times that we pick up animals from the SPCA branches and veterinary clinics. This allows us time to be able to look after the ones already in our care.

We are unable to house domestic pets with wild animals for two main reasons.

  1. We do not have the capacity to house domestic pets. We already have limited space to house the wildlife that we get in over the busy season.

  2. Housing domestic pets/birds with wild animals is potentially dangerous. There are diseases that can transfer between them and ultimately, have a devastating effect on the wild animals (particularly our native species) and also back to our pets. We already have strict protocols in place for looking after animals in our centre to prevent cross contamination between bird species and also to our humans. We cannot introduce domestic animals in to this situation.

There are occasions, particularly in emergencies, where our wildlife officers will attend a call out outside of regular pick up times but these are emergencies. We are not about to see any animal suffer unnecessarily.

We seriously appreciate people looking after sick/injured animals that they find but please ensure that the right agency is contacted, us for wildlife, SPCA for companion animals/pets and of course veterinary clinics can be contacted too.

Contact numbers can be found in the "How can you help" tab.

Thanks for caring from all of the team at HBBWR. (picture for cuteness)

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