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The hunt for the ducklings...

In the beginning of October, the after hours SPCA team, alerted us to a call about a mother duck that had been hit by a car. Sadly, both of her legs were broken and her 10 chicks were laying next to her in the ditch.

The wildlife officers responded but found that mother duck had passed away and the ducklings were nowhere in sight. A member of the public stopped to help us search through the dense bush to search for the little ones. The only way we could find them was to play a calling sound from a mother duck to encourage them to call out! As you can see by the photos, the foliage was pretty thick!

After following their calls, we found a couple hidden about 50m further along the ditch behind some old stumps and branches. We managed to find 8 out of the 10 ducklings that were reported to the SPCA. Back at the centre, they were placed under a heat plate to rest after their ordeal.

Keep an eye out for an update.....

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