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The cost of rehabilitation of wildlife....

A day at the center starts early, especially when the center is full. On an average, Liv and Louise work at least 12 hours a day. They are also on call. A day generally includes collecting species from SPCA and various veterinary clinics, cleaning, setting up enclosures, preparing food and feeding, giving medication and further rehabilitation to those that need it. There is time spent with the never ending paperwork, emailing, answering texts and phone calls and rescuing birds and other wildlife that have found themselves in all sorts of predicaments. Somewhere in the day, study is undertaken on the latest training course or notes are reviewed on a recent course taken (the training never stops). Wildlife that have been rehabilitated and ready for release are taken to an appropriate place to be returned to the wild and this can take time as they usually released back to where they were originally found. This site could be miles away. There are a couple of volunteers that come in and they are supervised with their work and training.

In the slower times, Liv and Louise spend time visiting pre schools/schools/community groups, passing on their love and knowledge of wildlife and how they can care for them.

All of this activity also requires a written report on a regular basis to the Trust, where finances and all the background charity tasks are performed. These include tasks by our volunteer Trust members like grant writing, putting together educational packs and promotional material, standard operating procedure material and many other little things that a charity requires!

If these rehabilitators were to be paid for their work, taking into account food (for the wildlife), diesel costs, vet visits, medications and other incidentals, it comes to a staggering $700 + per day.

This is a charity. We rely heavily on donations from the public and we work hard to secure funding wherever we can possibly grab it. The Napier City Council has been an absolute champion in their support of our centre, as has the SPCA, DOC and the various veterinary clinics. We will also mention our fabulous Caroline from Tremains Real Estate and the lovely ladies from For the Love of Animals who make regular donations to us.

The center is always "needing something" to upgrade. Currently we are trying to source a ranch slider to be put in place of the tilt-a-door to reduce the noise and increase the safety in the center when cages are being opened and closed.

The 3 bay outdoor aviary has begun to rot after the latest flooding and needs replacing.

There are ongoing fuel costs for the wildlife van.

Any donation, whether small or large is hugely appreciated! Our bank account number is:


The Trust, alongside Liv and Louise thank everyone for their continued support, watching out for the wildlife and letting us know when a creature needs some help. We couldn't continue doing this without you :)

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