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Sir Jerry, the hit by a car duck

Sir Jerry the duck was picked up off the side of the road by a member of the public after being hit by a car.

This lovely person took him to their nearest veterinary clinic where he was examined and found to only have minor injuries. This meant that he was a great candidate for rehabilitation so he moved in to the center where he was given pain relief and treatment to his wounds, including his eye.

At the beginning of his stay, Sir Jerry was reluctant to move about, but as he improved, he was moved to the outdoor enclosure.

WELL....... after Sir Jerry became VERY vocal, we observed him showing off to the girls next door. Remember the Muscovy ducks in for treatment from the sap?? They thought he was a bit of alright too!!

Despite the distraction from the neighbours, Sir Jerry recovered well but with the breeding season upon us and Sir Jerry getting a little frustrated at not being able to move in with the girls, we decided it was time for Sir Jerry the duck to be released. He happily jumped in to his waterway and met up with a few of his pals.

We would like to acknowledge and appreciate the donation given for Sir Jerry's time in care from the lovely person that picked him up. Thank you so much.

Without our communities support, many of these birds/other wildlife, would not be able to receive the treatment needed to recover.

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