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Progress at the wildlife centre!

Whoooop whoop! After months of planning, searching, scrimping and saving, the Wildlife Centre has FINALLY had the ranch slider installed on the garage. Thank you so much to the lovely Mary Sampson in Havelock North who donated this slider to us a few months ago. It has been waiting patiently to be installed!

Thanks to the great team at McKnight Builders, the old tilt-a-door has been removed and the ranch slider placed in. What a difference this makes to the space. This reduces the noise for the rehabilitating wildlife as the garage door was pretty noisy and we are now able to close off this gap much more securely when cleaning and rehabbing is in progress!

None of this sort of work to improve our premises is possible without the kind donations from members of the public and support from the Napier City Council.

The rehabbing in general also relies on the support from the SPCA and various veterinary clinics around the region and some very kind regular supporters.

Our next plan is to paint the exterior of the garage and find an artist who would be willing to donate their talent and a bit of time to make the sign to go above or next to the new slider. Does anyone know who may be able to help us with that? We'd love to hear from you!!

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