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Education in schools - Nelson Park School....

Early in May, Liv & Louise went along to Nelson Park School to talk to the kids about all things wildlife! They had a great afternoon discussing the following points;

Do you think that wildlife feel pain? Do you think wildlife miss their partners if something happens to the other one? What can happen to ducks when they are fed lots of bread? What are some healthier alternatives for this?

A talk was also given on the basics of NZ Five Freedoms, what they can do in the environment to help wildlife (i.e. picking up rubbish!) as well as discussions about what matters to them.

The educational talks are based around the age group's with the main focus being to instil empathy and compassion, for them to understand how our behaviors affect others and to make that connection that Wildlife feel pain too, that if we hurt them they too suffer.

Thanks to an Education Grant to the Trust, packs of colouring in and bird cut-outs were left for the kids after the talk where we hope that they take this information home and pass on their new found knowledge and enthusiasm for our wildlife.

Liv sent through this afterwards;

"What fueled our hearts was seeing one young boy stopping others from stepping on a spider. He gently scooped it up and placed it in a nearby bush. That simple act of kindness and empathy on the little spider, I'm sure, will transfer onto our future generation leading by example. Well done buddy".

Liv & Louise thank the Nelson Park School students & staff for a great afternoon and they loved seeing that enthusiasm and interest.

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