Down the drain ducks!!

A look at what the wildlife officers have to deal with over the many ducklings that find themselves in trouble at the moment.

They often spend time having to lean in to drains to pull out ducklings that have found themselves falling in while they are following mum. With this rescue they managed to pull 3 out, 3 remained down the drain

After 4 long hours at the site trying their best to guide the rest out they weren't successful with the remaining ducklings. It comes to a point where they have to stop. They have species back at the centre that need feeding and more call outs to attend. They often go to sleep at night thinking of those little ones still down in the drain and to be honest it stings.

This is where we rely on our community to help us, thankfully others will be keeping an eye out too. If you find ducklings down drains, a simple net can be slipped down the side and down into the drain to scoop them out. It can be long and time consuming but with patience it usually pays off.

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