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Boys and their duck....

These two awesome boys saved a little paradise duckling from the dangers of the road recently. They took it home and provided luxury care with daily visits to the garden and visits to the local park. They soon discovered, especially with this being a lone duckling, that the attention this little chap needed was very high! With school for the boys and the parents juggling work and home life, this social species couldn't get the attention that he needed as he had imprinted onto his humans. This is a common problem with rescued ducklings which can hinder their chances of survival when they are released back to the wild.

This duckling came into our care to finish off the wonderful work that this family had done. He was paired with other ducklings his size to learn those vital skills to be able to be released and amazingly enough, he went straight to the group that welcomed him with open wings!!

He has since been desensitized and has started showing his natural wild behaviours, so much so that when he was removed temporarily for a health check, he didn't like us, he wanted to be back with his family! Success!!

All of this group are set to be relocated to their supported living site shortly where they will have the chance to either make their way to the wild or remain near the sites big ponds under limited human supervision.

Well done boys, because of your selfless act of compassion and empathy, this young fella has a second chance at life in the wild.

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