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Angry Hawk....!!

Recently a juvenile male Hawk was found on the side of the road after being hit by a car. He wasn't able to fly and was not happy about being in the wildlife center!

His check up found that he was quite underweight and a bit bruised. This led to him having some pain relief and some much needed nourishment.

After he met all of the criteria to be fully rehabilitated, he was moved to the outdoor flight aviary where he could build up his strength, body condition and stamina.

This Hawk was a real challenge. He was extremely aggressive, attempting to attack anyone any chance he got. These birds will attack with their talons (very sharp, long claws) and with this in mind (and the weight he'd put on during his stay) meant that the wildlife officers had to suit up in protective gear (including a helmet) just to deliver food and get some cleaning done!

So, when release day came, out came the protective gear once again and a well laid plan for capture to keep his stress to a minimum. He was caught with little fuss (thankfully) and after a short car journey, he was released back to the same area where he was originally found.

Good luck young Hawk, we hope you stay away from those pesky cars and we don't have to see you back at the center again. Fly free beautiful.

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