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A Native gem...

This beautiful girl, a NZ Falcon, was found by a passing motorist in the middle of the road in Bayview recently. This beauty was at high risk of being run over. With the bird slipping in and out of consciousness on the way to the vets, it was assumed her injuries may be bad. After assessment, weighing in at a great weight for a female, pain relief and rest, she recovered with a healthy appetite and ferocious personality, she proved to be ready for release!

The wonderful rescuers had the honour of releasing this stunning raptor back to the wild, close to where she found.

The NZ Falcon is often mistaken for the more common bird of prey, the Harrier (more commonly seen in Hawke's Bay). The Falcon is much smaller and has a 'pointed wing' look when it is flying. The harrier's wings look as though they have spread fingers at the end of their wings when they fly.

The beak of the Falcon has a hooked bill, very powerful feet with curved, strong claws to grip the prey.

It is known as the most aggressive bird of the forest as they can attack and kill other birds as large Magpie and even Heron.

This bird can reach speeds of up to 180km/hour (wow!) and attack with the claws.

They nest high in the forks of trees and cliff ledges. They may make a diving attack on a human if they get too close to their nesting territory.

These gorgeous raptors are only found in New Zealand, how lucky are we!!

(Andrew Crowe. Which New Zealand Bird. 2019)

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