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Wading into the pond

Hawkes bay Bird and Wildlife Rescue was created to help rehabilitate sick and injured birds & wildlife. Over time the founder has discovered a social spin off that is a positive outcome for all..... It has been heartwarming to observe the caring, and genuine response from people in the community that want to help. When people take the time to stop and help injured wildlife and deliver to our service, its a conscious act of compassion and empathy.

Where possible, with a successful rehabilitation, we like to invite the 'finder' to attend the release of that animal so they can see the positive affect their rescue has had for that species.


Our ultimate goal is to be able to release wildlife back to where they were found, hopefully not to have to see them back at the centre again!

Our wildlife officers are constantly upskilling to stay abreast of the latest techniques and rehabilitation skills necessary for this to happen.

Our mission is to advocate awareness and lead by example for wildlife officers and to have an amazing centre in which to work in.  That is a work in progress!


There are many challenges when dealing with wildlife.  Identifying species is paramount, not only for our safety but the species too!  For example, hawks & falcons have really sharp talons (claws) and will attack with their feet and the likes of swans have a long, bendy neck that they can whip around and attack your face!  Having the right gear and knowledge to deal with these differences are essential.

Other challenges can include well meaning people sometimes rescuing birds when they shouldn't, or some thinking that what they have rescued is "cute and cuddly".  People have to consider that these animals are wild animals and lots of human contact can cause severe stress to them.  We certainly don't want to see people getting hurt.

Much of the wildlife in our local areas live very close to, or in suburbia.  This can pose it's own challenges with people interference, loss of habitat, feeding on rubbish or getting caught up in rubbish.


Many thanks to our wonderful supporters to keep this rescue charity running.  We couldn't do it without your help

Danika Thorpe: consultant webmaster!

Noel O'RileyChristopher Haliwell:  amazing photograpy

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